Pets you want to keep except cats and dogs


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FishThere are many people on this planet who are not either a dog person or a cat person. There are many choices one could make when choosing a pet, in this article we will list down alternate pets except dogs and cats.

If you are looking for an adorable pet, fish are the best choice you could make. The aquatic pets are popular with many people, according to Pet Secure USA has around 58 million fish population as pets. The maintenance, food, water temperature and filters, aquarium etc. are expenses that are covered monthly by owners, it is very expensive relatively to other pets. Fish as pets are good choice to make but make sure to provide a right and secure environment. Life expectancy is dependent on the type of fish you are choosing; average is around 5 years.


Hamsters are nocturnal, they usually sleep in day lights and active at nights. Therefore, parents do not like to have them for their children, other issue is they are very fragile to handle and one have to cuddle them very carefully. They are cute and adorable but their average lifespan is very low that is, two to three years. It is preferable for teens and adults to own hamsters as a pet as they are very sensitive.

Guinea pigs

Hamsters and Guinea pigs are two different things, they are very active, social and adorable. They require daily attention and preferably needs a guinea pig buddy because they are herd animals. They require hay, pellets and fresh vegetables as food and requires physical activity too, to remain in shape, otherwise they would be clumsy and lose their shape. The owners not needed to be age specific and they could live up to five or ten years, depends on the care.


Rabbits are another furry pets to your list, like Guinea Pigs they require not only attention but they require commitment too, they would eat a lot of hay. There will also be bad smell due to them and you have to bear this, so make sure your house members are acceptable to this, their life span is around 10 years.


It is very attractive to own a turtles as a pet, knowing its low cost maintenance and its life span which is around 25 to 50 years (can be greater with proper care). But it is quite risky too as it is recommended for owners to be greater than 8 years of age. Why this restriction? Because the reptiles and amphibians should be aware of a germ called Salmonella. Turtles do carry this germ, so one should be old enough to know sanitary handling practices, such as washing hands and any surface the turtle touches. Turtles also require natural environment to grow with strong bones, so they are not preferred to live in aquariums. They are carnivores so they eat live animals like snails and fish.


Whatever pet you are deciding to keep, one thing to make sure you have a good and proper insurance of the pet. Go online and search for the right pet insurance, to your ease go with iSelect, the best solution for pet insurance.

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