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Poolside Pet Safety

Intro Speaking of pools, there are pet-safety precautions to follow if you have one in your backyard. To start, the pool should have a secure fence to keep pets, wild animals and young children away. Don’t rely on ...
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Helpful Tips For Moving With A Pet

Intro: One step to take leading up to the move include getting your small pet acclimated to being in a secure, well-ventilated crate. This way, your pet is ready to be safely confined during the trip. For larger ...
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First Year Developmental Timeline For Puppies

Intro: By twelve months, most dogs reach emotional maturity and have a defined temperament and loving bond with their owner that lasts a lifetime. Want to learn more about what to expect during a puppy’s first year? Check ...
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Pets In Hot Cars

Intro: Canines have a difficult time adjusting to heat. When temperatures are high, dogs will start panting to cool down. Moreover, some dogs are more susceptible to heat stroke and dehydration than others, especially if they have thick ...
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Having the ability to walk your cat on a harness opens up a whole new world of exploration for your furry friend. While it may seem like an impossible feat to train a cat to walk on a ...
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