5 Secrets To Keeping Your Pet Cats Happy And Healthy 


Pet cats provide companionship to family members. The feline friends help people relax and feel at peace when at home. Note that a happy cat will also make the owner happy. Giving cats food, water and shelter may not be enough to make them happy. It is essential to give the pet attention and take care of them at all times. Here are secrets to keeping pet cats happy and healthy at home.

Provide Cat with Balanced Diet and Clean Water

Cat’s health depends on the diet the owner gives to them. If the cats get food with low levels of animal proteins, vitamins, and minerals, the cat is likely to have a weak immune system and may not be full of energy. When a person is buying cat food, they should look at the ingredients list to know if the cat treats or formulas are suitable for the cat or not.

Contacting a vet for advice on what to give or not give to a pet is essential. The owner should also ensure that the kitties are well-hydrated by providing hydrated food and clean water. Cat pets need more water, mainly when they feed on dry foods.

Spending Time and Playing with the Cats is Key

Pet cats are happy when the owners show some love by spending time with them. After work, one should hold the cat and talk to them for some time. The owner should also comb the cat to remove loose hairs during free time. In addition, playing with the cat is essential. One can play with the kitties in the house or the backyard. Researching to know which kinds of games the kitties like will be helpful. Remember to give delicious cat treats to the pet after playtime.

Provide Parasite Prevention

Fleas and ticks can cause physical and mental discomfort to the cats. Such parasites can also transmit diseases. Internal parasites like heartworms can also affect a cat’s health. Cat owners should ensure their kitties are treated and protected against problematic parasites for a healthier and happier life.

Keep Litterbox Clean

Cats are generally clean animals. One should provide a suitable litter box and ensure it is kept clean at all times. Removing cat’s waste regularly and daily and washing the box can make the cat like it and use it whenever they need to ease themselves.

Vaccination and Regular Checkup is Vital

It is vital and a requirement to vaccinate pet cats against rabies and other serious diseases. Ensuring that the cat is vaccinated against rabies, feline distemper, and other diseases will keep the cats safe even when there is an outbreak of such diseases in the neighborhood.

Taking the cats to a vet for a checkup is also critical. The vet will assess the pet and offer the proper treatment in case of an illness. In addition, the vet will share tips to keep the feline friends healthy and happy.


Keeping cats happy and healthy is not easy. It takes time, dedication, and a lot of effort. But with the above tips, one can keep their feline friends healthy and excited at home.

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