Take good care of your horses

Take good care of your horses

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Do you have your own horse? Or are you the boss of a riding school? Horses are very sweet animals. They are animals that need a lot of love and the best care. Horses have been used by humans for years. Think, for example, of the sword fights between the knights. But the horses were also used to transport things or to make long journeys. A horse could run more distance per hour than a human. This way you get from a to b much faster with a horse. Do you want to know how you can have the best care for your horse? Then read on.

Eat, sleep, drink, repeat

Firstly, it is important that you have the right feed for your horse. For example, a horse really likes apples, but also hay and slobber mash. However, you cannot easily get horse food in the supermarket as, for example, dog food or cat food. If you are also looking for a larger amount of food, you can order this quickly and easily via the internet. For example, at Vetsend. At Vetsend you have many different types of feed for the horses. In addition to the normal feed, Vetsend also has diet feed and sweets for the horses. This way you can spoil your horse or horses and that’s of course not what you want.

Just get the tangles out of the hair

Like most girls with long hair, horses also suffer from some tangles in their hair. For example, it is important to comb the mane of a horse every now and then. In addition to the hair, horses also like to be brushed from time to time. You can also easily find the accessories you need for this on Vetsend. This way you have different brushes that you can use when combing or taking care of your horse. In addition, you can find many more products on Vetsend that you can use for the hygienic care of your horse.

First aid.

When you also compete in competition, it can sometimes happen that your horse gets injured. Of course you want the best care for your horse. Even if it is less agile. So you can choose to order equipment from Vetsend that can support your horse medically. Not only in the form of a pill, but also think of a compression stocking, for example. Fortunately, your horse can still handle it in the time of pain.

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