Food you should keep your cats away from

Food you should keep your cats away from

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The food you can’t give a dog are often well documented – but did you know that cats also have quite specific dietary requirements too? They have metabolisms different from humans or from some other pets and hence there are a lot of varieties of cat food available in the market to treat your cats with healthy and delicious food.

We should stop feeding our pet cats with what we eat unless we have a better idea of what they can and can’t eat. Here are some of the food items you must know about which are not so good for your cats health:

  1. Milk and dairy products : We all are grown up knowing that cats are huge fans of milk. It is a fact that cats do like milk but it’s also true that cow’s milk and a few other dairy products can actually result in stomach illness or diarrhoea to your cats. It is not always healthy to treat them with what they like.
  2. Chocolate or caffeine : A lot of products contain caffeine or chocolate in them, making your pet eat or drink them is not healthy, it could make them sick and have serious nervous conditions including cardiac issues. It also increases the risk of uneven heartbeats or high rise in body temperature. Try some of these treats instead.
  3. Onion and Garlic : Cats are not good with digesting garlic and eating it may cause serious health issues with them. Onions too can be unpleasant for cats to eat and digest also it does affect their healthy red blood cells. Small quantities might not affect them that much but it is always better to avoid feeding onions and/or garlic to your cats.
  4. Yeast : Yeast dough works the same with cats as for dogs, as the dough expands it could result in gases and bloating stomach which could affect their ease and can cause them breathing problems.
  5. Eggs : Raw eggs contain bacteria or protein which could be not good for their skin or the coat.
  6. Meat, Fish and bones : Meat and bones can make cats end up having stomach problems and diarrhoea.

Some other important considerations:

  • There are other human foods like grapes which contain toxins and are not good for cats’ kidneys, the same applies with Mushrooms.
  • They also should be kept away from a lot of salty food, foods containing a lot of fat and garbage, mainly the rotten fruits as they might contain different hazardous substances which could affect their health badly.
  • Some of the dog food is also not suitable for cats, if you have both Dog and Cat as a pet then you should keep a special care about them not sharing the food. For my cat I use a variety of specialist foods from Petwell.

In any event of your cat accidentally eating any of the foods above and having adverse effects, it’s important to contact your vet straight away.

If you’re in any doubt about what to feed your cat, then it is important to always remember that their food is especially designed for them and their needs, and that what we eat as humans, isn’t as well matched for them. It’s important to make sure there’s always a selection of meal food and treats at home, otherwise you might find they’ve gone to live somewhere else!

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