The Dog Bandana Trend


When you try to choose a dog collar for your dog, you will be divided into what material it should be made of, what color, what style it is going to be. But, the main purpose really is to give your dog a collar. There are a lot of things that are being published online when it comes to clothing for dogs, and one of the main questions is that what the supposed purpose is for such, and this holds true with bandanas for dogs. Custom dog bandanas can also serve other purposes like color-coding for dogs, or you just want your dog to stand out from others.

Bandanas have been around for a long time, and they originated from India. It is derived from the Hindi words ‘bāndhnū,’ which means “tie-dyeing” and ‘bāndhnā, which means “to tie”. George Washington was thought to receive the first ever souvenir bandana in the year 1776. This then led to bandanas being used as a promotional tool.

There was also a union of American coal miners in the 1930s who wore red bandanas as their demonstration for solidarity. They were then known as rednecks even though the other redneck meaning is stemming from farmers with a sunburn that is primarily around the back of the neck as a result of working in the fields. In the year 1990s, the bandanas become a symbol of gang membership with different gangs who are wearing different colored bandanas.

Apart from its promotional uses, bandanas are also serving as a practical garment which helps railroad workers and farmers to wipe their sweat from their brow or to stop the dust to get into their lungs. Bandanas also serve as a very good sunscreen.

In relation to dogs, it is not really particularly clear as to how dogs got into bandanas or as to when the dog owners decided that it was a good idea to put the bandana on dogs. However, the largest ever gathering of dogs which are wearing bandanas was at a Big Red Bard Farm in Pretoria, South Africa in October 2017. This is based on the Guinness World Records and there were 764 dogs who wore bandanas which were organized by pet insurance as an aid of the Animal Cruelty League.

Putting on bandanas can help both dog and human health. By using a dog bandana, it can more likely catch loose hair which can be helpful if you have a family member with allergies relating to dog hair. Another way to use bandana is to help and protect some dogs from sunburn, this is true especially with dogs which have little or very light-colored hair.

If your dog is stressed, you can use a stress relief spray which usually contains pheromones on a bandana. This can be a great way to calm the nerves of your dog down. During hot spells, you can have a wet bandana which can be used to help your dog cool down.

You can see that there are a lot of various applications that you can use a bandana for. It can simply be used as a fashion statement not only for humans but to dogs as well. There are a lot of patterns and styles of dog bandanas that you can choose from, and then tie them in different ways, some of which are as follows:

  1. The Cowboy Style

You can do this tie by folding the bandana in half to create a triangle, and then tie the bandana loosely around the dog’s neck, this will leave the point of the triangle at the front.

  1. The Cape Style

You can do this style in the same fold with the Cowboy style, and instead of putting the point of the triangle at the front, you simply will just switch the position of the triangle to your dog’s back.

  1. The Basic Roll Tie

You can do this style by first, folding the bandana in half, and then form it into a triangle. Then, roll the bandana with the point of the triangle as its starting point. Then, tie the bandana loosely around the neck of your dog, and then create a chic double knot. Now, you can have your dog rock the style to the side or to the front.

  1. The Bow Tie

You can do this style by first folding the two points of the bandana to meet at the center, and then fold in edges to meet at the center, and then fold in edges again, then begin to tie a loose know and don’t tighten it yet by looping one end of the bandana around the other. Make sure that you keep one end longer than the other end. Then loop the larger end over the opposite side of the bandana which is the side that you haven’t started the knot on. Next, start the creation of the knot on the other side of the bandana. Then, before you secure the knot, weave the leash underneath the knot. Finally, you tie tight and flip it over to adjust the bow. Make sure to see if you need to loosen the length of your dog’s collar.

There are numerous reasons why dog owners are putting bandanas on dogs, and this will depend on the preference of their owners. There are times where bandanas are placed as a theme for a certain dog event, or it can be used for health reasons, or to put on a trend. Most often than not, putting on dogs clothing might not make sense to other people and might even raise some eyebrows, but, the most important reason is that this serves as protection to your pets especially if they are hairless so to protect them from damaging sunburn. This can also give comfort to your dog when it comes to cold weather because this will provide them with warmth.

Whatever your purpose may be, there is nothing wrong in putting a bandana to your dog. You can either improvise for their bandana or go buy a new one.

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