Styling Your Dog With Bow Ties – How To Find The Perfect Piece!

Styling Your Dog With Bow Ties – How To Find The Perfect Piece!

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Dressing up your dog can be one of the most interesting activities to indulge in. These furry beauties with their smart smelling nose, oodles of love and charm, deserve unrefined love extending to every aspect of their life. And with the way the fashion industry works, there are a lot of ways to dress up your bundle of joy with the latest fashion trends.

Having  dog collars is a need but having a stylish one is a choice. When it comes to bow ties for dogs; there are varied collections and options. And, as a common practice, we often tend to get confused in what to choose. Here is a short guide to help you find what would suit your pet!

Colours that adore the pet’s colour

As pets have their unique presence in their own shade of fur and exclusive features, the bow tie’s colour should be something that complements their shade. For this take out some time to match through a number of shades and find what truly flaunts your dog’s personality. Be it the classic white, lavish black, lush green or dark blue – the choice should be based on what colour brings out the essence of their personality and traits. The right colour is one that matches their way of behavior and natural features.

Size that looks perfect!

Not all pets have a same size face. They grow with age and time. And with this their facial appearance and size changes! The bow ties suit when the size of the tie complements the feature and size of the face. Look for a size that is slightly smaller than the face size and sits perfectly on the neck. A bow tie that complements the facial features and doesn’t look too big or too small is perfect to style your pet.

Fabric choice matters

Even dogs are allergic to certain fabrics and their compositions. While velvets and satins can make them feel too hot, the fabrics like cotton and muslin are light on the skin. Choose the fabrics that make the pet feel light and comfortable rather than making their neck weigh down. Avoid leather or plastic ties and find some natural and breathable fabrics for styling your pet. If the tie is uncomfortable for the pet; they might just rip off the tie due to discomfort.

When planning to invest in bow ties for dogs choose one that suits and comforts your pet to the maximum. Style is a statement that should be accompanied with comfort!

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