List of Cute Dogs That Everyone Should Have


The central fact most of us should remember is that our furry friends and pets are incredibly affectionate and loyal, and their adorability is the main reason why we tend to keep them.

Since cuteness and the aesthetical appeal is one of the most critical factors, it is vital to understand various breeds that may give you everything you wanted in a pet.

It does not matter if you wish to consider Great Pyrenees, Pomeranians or tiny Poodle, because you have to know everything about them before you make up your mind. By checking out sites like Dog Life HQ, you will be able to find the equipment you need as a dog owner. However, before you embark on a journey and high responsibilities, we recommend you see our representation of cutest dog breeds that you can find.

  1. Pembroke Corgis

According to old legends, the elves and fairies that resided in Wales loved this particular breed. You do not have to worry because their furry coats are beautiful and that is why they are highly popular among people from all statuses and classes.

You can check fairy tales in which these dogs were responsible for carrying fairy warriors into battle as well as herding fairy cattle. Therefore, we can say that this breed features a mystical past, which leads us to a present, where people are thriving to find them across the market.

At the same time, marks on the back of these cute animals came from an idea that fairies used saddles around the shoulders of their coats. They are profoundly beautiful and great for families, which is the main reason why you should own them without regrets.

  1. Golden Retrievers

Even though Golden Retrievers were used as working dogs back in the day, now, they are the most popular breed among families and large households. The main idea is that they enjoy doing hard work, and that is a fact you should remember.

For instance, Golden Retrievers are extremely intelligent, hardworking, and they will learn anything in a timely manner.

Hunters used as dogs that will catch birds after they fall, while there were other jobs for them as well such as for rescue purposes, and in the last few decades even as therapy dogs in care facilities and hospitals.

Apart from having perfect work ethics, their incredible and sweet personalities are the main reason why they are great comfort or therapy dogs, based on your needs. They can provide you additional comfort to your household, especially if you have experienced traumatic events.

Their affection will help your mental state to overcome issues, and you will be able to bond with others with the help of Golden Retrievers.

  1. Bernese Mountain Dogs

Cute dogs do not have to be tiny and small, and this is an example that cuddle and big dog can help you throughout the hard times with ease. Yes, we are talking about the Bernese Mountain dogs.

Back in the 19th century, cheese plants became the necessity all across Switzerland, and that is why producers wanted simple ways to deliver batches without too much hassle.

Since Bernese Mountain dogs are highly known for incredible intelligence and strength, they would pull bread and fresh cheese to buyers all across Switzerland.

They could navigate by themselves, which means that having this particular breed means that you will get a highly intelligent dog that will stand by your side all the time.

  1. Siberian Huskies

You probably know about Siberian Huskies and their fascinating anatomy and biology. Have in mind that these dogs can smoothly run for hours without tapping into their fat and carbohydrate stores. Therefore, they can easily handle transportation on snowy terrain.

The question is how they can burn so many calories, and they do not require revitalization afterward. The idea is that they are regulating metabolism during the extreme performance, which is something that only they feature.

The main reason for their first breeding was to run long distances in harsh and cold conditions, which means that their bodies adapted as well. This is a productive perspective, but when it comes to visual appeal, they look like stylish wolves that will always be by your side.

  1. Beagles

Beagles are hunting dogs, and that is the first thing you should remember about them. The main reason for it is that their ears can improve their scent, which means that you can use them for hunting purposes without any additional problem.

Their long ears can easily catch scent particles so that they can have them close to noses all the time. That will allow them to process the most information that they require so that they can catch a pray along the way.

  1. The great Pyrenees

Even though they are massive when compared with other dogs, you should have in mind that they have nurturing natures, and they are highly gentle in general.

The primary historical purpose of their breeding was as guards for flocks of sheep. Therefore, when shepherd took time to rest and sleep, this particular dog would stand and guard everything, which was a highly productive reason for owning and breeding them altogether.

Since they can take night shifts, even today, when they are not used as much for those purposes, they can see through the night. You should note that puppies tend to be most active during the night periods.

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