How to Choose Your Dog Day Care

How to Choose Your Dog Day Care

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When choosing a suitable doggy daycare for your furry companion, you’ve got to do all the homework yourself. So what should you be looking for when it comes to dog day care London options?

Dogs are pack animals. Simple. They thrive in a pack and aren’t meant to be left alone for long periods of time. For a dog owner, it can be difficult to make sure your dog is leading a balanced life while juggling your own commitments of work, family, hobbies and etc.

So, what should you look for when you want to choose your doggy daycare?


Choose a dog daycare that is located near to your home or work for a quick and easy drop-off and pick-up. It’s also worth finding out what services the doggy daycare does i.e. can they collect and drop off your pet?


Think about the time and duration that you need your dog cared for, and make sure that they cater to your needs.

Arrange a visit

At the visit, you can have a chat with the carers, see how they interact with the dogs and have a look around the facility where the dogs are kept. You should feel that you’re in a happy, safe and controlled environment where each individual dog is cared for according to their needs.

Ask lots of questions such as walking times and locations, meal and treat times, other dogs temperaments, additional activities and services.

Think about your own dog’s temperament

The best doggy daycare places should have methods in place to manage the different needs of the dogs. It could be that dogs are walked with similar dogs or spending some time each day playing with their favourite toy.

Staff vs. dogs

Unlike children’s nurseries, dog daycare centres don’t have required ratios between the number of dogs and staff. The RSPCA recommends one human for every five dogs. However, in reality, this will depend on the breeds and temperaments of the dogs being cared for.


Doggy daycare should be designed for stimulating your dog. They should have a good mixture of entertainment activities, and a variety of walks rather than repeats of the same routes.

Make sure to ask about how toys are managed.

Ask for a trial session

Always ask for a trial session. Your dog is left with the daycare for a few hours and the staff can assess how well your furry friend will settle in. Ask the staff what they thought and observe your dog’s behavior at the daycare and at home. It could be that a couple of trial sessions are required to make sure your dog will settle in.

The main factor to consider when looking for a doggy daycare is that you feel satisfied and trust that your loyal friend will get the attention and care they need.

Happy dog, happy you!

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