Plenty of small treats that you teach to your dog


There can be nothing cuter than a trick of a dog and rollover is one of the cutest things. Rollover can seem to be a complicated behavior to teach a dog and for him to master; however, if the steps are broken down further into baby steps, then your pet may show his adorable skills within a short time period. Before you start, have a handful of small yet savory dog treats. You should give your dog plenty of them regardless of his size. You can use clicker while giving the training for rollover as some behaviors are fleeting.

You can always use the word ‘yes’ so that your pet knows when the particular behavior has been performed that can get him the food reward. So, How to Teach a Dog Roll over? The answer is to move yourself to a down position. Do not ask your dog to lie down because then the process to roll overturns into a two-phase process. First, you have to tell him to move down and then try out the rollover process.

Look out the behaviors that may lead to the final result

The secret to How To Teach a Dog Roll Over is to break down the whole process in many parts. Dividing the complete behavior into small yet achievable parts is known as shaping and it is quite similar to the game “hot and cold game” that is played by children. Every step in the teaching process, which brings you closer to the mission tells that the dog is going in the right track, no matter how small the step is. This makes the training game quite fun for your pet. You can start by shaping and capturing the moment when the dog looks at the floor with a positive mind.

Celebrate the first roll

When your pet moves from one side to the other side then celebrate. Show him a treat so that your dog to get it has to get up. Repeat the process. Your pet may probably move down quickly and shall move through the process of rollover with less starting and less stopping. Repeat this process many times and reserve the treat till your pet completes the rollover sequence. When you teach him to roll over, notice your body language. So, when you teach it by sitting on the ground, then your pet may not understand it.

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