Protect Your Dog From Infestations Of Flea With Advantage II Canada


If you have a Cat or Dog, the possibilities are great that you have given some thought to stopping him from getting ticks or fleas. Or possibly you’ve found in the past that your pet was infected with fleas, or possibly you found a tick hidden deep inside his skin & had to pull it out. If so, you understand the discomfort that fleas & ticks can cause our lovely little friends, and why it is so significant to practice prevention.

Fleas feed on the blood of our beloved pets. When fleas bite them, many problems can occur, such as skin irritation, redness, allergic reactions, anemia, or even death. It is uncommon, but it can happen. Fleas can also bring tapeworms, and transmit them to your pet. That is why proper protection of your cat and dogs is important. Nowadays you can find many fleas killer medicine powder shops and shampoos but sometimes these are not worth it, you must find a regular solution such as Advantage II Canada a popular & effective regular flea safety for dogs and cats.

What Is Advantage II?

Advantage II is a monthly flea treatment for dogs that provide complete flea safety by eliminating adult larvae, fleas, & eggs. It kills fleas during contact, which means they don’t gnaw your loved one to die. Advantage II also treats, stops, and controls lice on dogs. Advantage II does not kill ticks.

Advantage II Canada for Cats kills stop and controls the growth of fleas. Apart from this it also prevents the growth of new fleas by killing the early stages of flea larva & flea eggs. Once applied, the solution is helpful for a minimum time of four weeks & can extend up to six weeks. It is helpful for animals from 07 weeks or older.

As you know Fleas can be a cause of big trouble and annoyance to dogs & their owners. Fleas-infested dogs rub, itch, & chew and sometimes harm themselves in the course of scratching. At times they become vectors for fever, Lyme disease & ehrlichiosis, etc, which are the cause of sickness to other animals and humans also.

Advantage II: How Does It Work?

Developed especially for dogs, Advantage II Canada comprises permethrin and imidacloprid and works to keep away and kill fleas. Both elements of this medication start working instantly by attacking the parasite’s nerve cells & wrecking its nervous system. This eventually leads to the fast paralysis and death of the concerned leech or insect disturbing your dog.

The main benefit of this cure is that it repels & kills fleas, frequently before they can problem your dog. This reduces the probability of the dog infectious a tick-transmitted infection. This treatment offers effective protection against fleas in different stages of their life cycle. Imidacloprid breaks the life cycle of fleas by:

  • Killing fleas in cats in twelve hours
  • Killing fleas before they place eggs
  • Killing the flea larvae in the dog’s skins
  • Stopping re-infesting fleas in two hours
  • Works through contact, so fleas don’t have to bite to die

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