How to choose the best dog daycare?


With so many dog daycare services available, it can be challenging to choose a specific facility. There are plenty of things to consider, which is why we encourage you to research. And to help you make an informed decision, we shared our insights on how to choose the best dog daycare.

Start by touring the facility.

If you want to choose the best dog daycare, you should start by touring the facility. Not all providers will focus on the wellbeing of your dog, so it is helpful to observe the place. Keep in mind that if a dog daycare won’t allow tours, it is a red flag that tells you you should avoid that place.

When touring the dog daycare, pay close attention to cleanliness, ventilation, and safety. Dogs need a tidy place to sleep and play. Ventilation is key to wellbeing, too, so check to see how they offer fresh air to the pups. Fencing and gating are vital for avoiding hazardous situations and keeping the dogs safe within the facility.

Inquiry about supervision and staff training.

Excellent dog daycare services have constant supervision and well-trained staff. Generally, a proper staff-to-dog ratio is one person for every 7 to 10 dogs. Some facilities group dogs depending on their size and energy. This approach will ensure each dog is comfortable and tended to according to his needs and personality.

Check the facility’s track record on the market.

Great dog daycare services have been in business for several years. This tells you they have the experience and skills to offer the best for your dog. It can be helpful to read client testimonials and recommendations to benefit from a clear picture of what’s going on there.

Don’t forget about the size of the facility.

Well, when it comes to dog daycare, the size of the facility is an important aspect. Dogs need plenty of space to exercise, walk and play. Choosing a dog daycare place that offers plenty of indoor and outdoor space is vital for your dog’s wellbeing.

Ask about cleaning practices.

At a dog daycare, it isn’t enough for the facility to be cleaned once per day. The staff needs to pay attention and clean the place whenever needed constantly. Ask about their cleaning practices and how they will be able to keep each dog healthy and happy.

The bottom line

These are some tips on how to choose the best dog daycare. Our professional advice is to discuss with the staff before bringing your dog. Share insights about personality, habits, and behavior to help them understand what your furry friend needs. Dog daycare services must focus on the wellbeing of a dog and not the revenue. Hence, ensure your pup stays with a professional team that values his wellbeing!

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