All You Need to Know About Dog Boarding


If you have a dog as part of your family, you’ll know how much passion and love that it can being to the home. Sometimes though, there are times where you have to go away for work or on holiday, or in the case of an emergency, and there is no option but to leave your pet behind due to the policy of your vacation spot, the cost of travelling with pets, or the management of your pet. Dog boarding is a fantastic option in these instances, with a variety of option depending on your dog’s specific needs, the budget you have available and the amount of time you’ll be away for.

Before making a choice on the right type of dog boarding situation for the needs of your dog, first consider what they require in total. For some there is the necessity for extensive walking more than once per day, so ensure you choose a kennel or dog boarding location where this is a possibility. Equally, if your dog is used to roaming around throughout the day, it might not be enough to just have space to walk for a short period of time when in kennels. Look at the environment surrounding your choice and determine whether it suits the temperament and enjoyment of your dog. The last thing you want to return to is an unhappy dog that has been affected in a negative way by a stay away from home without you.

The first choice for many pet owners when going away on holiday is to leave a dog at a professional dog-boarding kennels. What this provides is a level of quality relating to knowledge and experience in dog handling that gives owners peace of mind that their pet is being looked after as best as they possibly can be. With so many options in each area for kennels, be sure to do your research, visit and speak to kennel owners and take a look at what best suits your dog. It is a safe and secure home away from home for a short period of time, so it has to be right for your dog.

Other options include in-home dog boarding where your dog can stay in a location that is free of crates and provides a larger space for anxious dogs to feel at home within. Staying with a sitter at their home could be the better option in those circumstances where a pet is anxious, but it is always worth trialling the relationship with a short meeting prior to any agreement. You can also find pet hotels, which provide luxury dog boarding facilities with individual beds and spaces for your dog, fun activities during the day and a stimulating environment.

The benefit of dog boarding with a service that is also a professional dog training provider is that you can set up a training programme for the time that your dog is present at the kennels. It is a fantastic way to ensure that the time away from home is not completely wasted, and that your dog is being taught invaluable skills and techniques whilst you are away. If you are to leave home for a short break and require dog boarding for your pet, look for a service that provides a high quality kennels combined with dog training, so that you benefit from the best of both worlds upon your return. You’ll have peace of mind that your dog is being looked after properly, but also that they are being trained in your absence.

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